What is Digital Graffiti?

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is the world’s first projection art festival, with artists using the latest technologies to project their original works onto the town’s iconic white walls.

Sometimes referred to as “Photon Bombing,” “Guerilla Projection” or “Urban Projection,” underground artists around the globe have already been using the latest design, animation and projection technologies to cast dynamic images onto skyscrapers and other urban structures as a means of artistic expression. But Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is the first outdoor festival specifically organized to celebrate and showcase these unique talents.

“Our town literally becomes their blank canvas,” said Kelli Siler, Alys Beach’s Events Coordinator.

Each year’s festival attracted digital artists, filmmakers, musicians, interactive designers, photographers, VJs, producers, celebrities, agency executives and fans of art, technology and architecture. Thousands of dollars in cash prizes are awarded to artists, with digital submissions being received from as far away as Israel, Austria, Canada, Germany, London, India, France, Italy and China. The 2008 “Best of Show” prize of $2,500 was awarded to Robert Seidel of Jena, Germany for his digital work entitled “Futures,” while the 2009 “Best of Show” prize was awarded to “Lure of Sirens” by Lustre of Venice, California. In 2010, a $5,000 “Best of Show” prize was awarded to Bala Boyd of Freeport, Florida for his work entitled, “Void?” Click here to view a complete list of previous Digital Graffiti winners.

“Ultimately, Digital Graffiti explores how design, technology and architecture can intertwine to create entirely new artforms,” said Arnold. “For one evening, Alys Beach opens its doors, courtyards and pedestrian paths to innovative companies and ground-breaking artists who fuse these three components to literally transform our entire town into a living work of art.”

The 2014 Digital Graffiti festival will be held in Alys Beach, Florida on  Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7. Be sure to ‘like’ Digital Graffiti on Facebook for up to date information. For more information, please email events@alysbeach.com or call (toll-free) 1-866-481-8390.

Questions about attending DG, email us at info@digitalgraffiti.com

For media queries, contact Kellyn Curtis / 972.816.1355 or Kelly Fordham / 661.373.0240 with Polished Pig Media.

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