digitalgraffiti call for entries

The DG2016 Call for Entries has closed. Please consider submitting your works for the 2017 Festival.

Alys Beach, in conjunction with Visit South Walton, invites artists from around the globe to submit original digital artwork for the Ninth Annual Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach, a one of a kind juried venue for projected art. Artists will compete for $10,000 in prize money, awarded in three categories. All work selected for the 2016 festival will be eligible for the awards, to be held on May 13-15.

For two luminous nights, Alys Beach projects innovative art from across the world, transforming the resort town into a vibrant canvas of light. The annual festival allows digital artists to explore how their fluid forms intersect with technology and the architecture of Alys Beach to create unexpected and wondrous experiences.

Stage 1: Initial Screening

Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2016.

Video of your work must be uploaded first to, then enter your information into the form below.

Please note: Entries may include new or existing short digital videos or entirely new interactive work. Every effort will be made to play audio with the work. However, not all work will be shown with accompanying audio. Entries should be no more than two minutes. Anything longer may be cut from participation in the festival. There is no application fee and artists retain 100% ownership of their works.

You may submit more than one entry, but each work requires its own entry information:

• Project Title

• Type of work

• Year Produced

• One sentence overview of project

• Brief artist statement

Stage 2: Finalists & Selection Notification

Submitting artists whose entries pass the first screening (“Finalists”) will be notified mid-March. Finalists will be eligible for the competition May 13-15, 2016 and their works will be displayed during the event. To help bring artists to see their work in the festival, DG2016 will provide up to five finalists a $500 travel stipend with confirmation of attendance (details to follow with final selections).

Stage 3: Awards & The Festival

The 2016 Digital Graffiti festival will be held in Alys Beach, Florida, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 13 – 15. Prizes will be awarded in three categories, as judged by a panel of art and industry experts and announced during the festival:

• Best of Show ($5,000 Prize)

• Curator’s Choice ($2,000 Prize)

• Three (3) Honorable Mentions (each $1,000 Prize)

Visit the DG Archive to view preview finalists.

Note: By submitting an entry, you agree to allow Digital Graffiti, Alys Beach, and/or its sponsoring partners unrestricted use of your artwork (in part or in whole) for promotional purposes for the 2016 festival and future festivals.