Flight of Memory, Victoria Febrer & Pedro J. Padilla, Astoria, NY

Intuitive landscape, Fabio Monni, Nuoro, Italy

Salad She Rides, Jess Riegel, Granite Bay, CA

White Ink, Brian Ratigan, Jacksonville, FL

In Vitro, Brian Ratigan, Jacksonville, FL

chiral, Robert Seidel, Berlin, Germany

Doodle Defense, Andy Wallace, New York, NY

The Power of Small, Seok In Jang, Astoria, NY

becoming, Belinda Haikes, Philadelphia, PA

Passing By, Andres Koczka, Copenhagen Denmark

Suspension, Steven Grambergs, Suwanee, GA

Faces, Places, and Body Parts, Francis Sileo, Annapolis, MD

The Pig Mark, Franz, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Please Call Stella, Black & Jones, Clarksville, TN

Fermata (Dive), Brian Franklin, Normal, IL

Tableau viviant, Tomasz Wlaźlak, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland

Magnetic Field, Dmitry Kmelnitsky, Venice, CA

Construction/Destruction, Kate Shannon, Mansfield, OH

Switch, Liat Berdugo, Providence, RI

Stutter Light, Ann Catherine Carter, Nashville, TN

Zombie Dragonfly Discotheque, David Montgomery, Fernandina Beach, FL

1,111 Windows to the Soul, Michael Bowen, St. Petersburg, FL

NEONS MELODY, Jean-Michel Rolland, Epinay Sur Orge, France

Secret lives, Alessandro Perini, Malmö, Sweden

Notepad3D 2.0, Christian Streinz, Johannesberg, Germany

“The End”, Joel Swanson, Denver, CO

Emergence, Jayson Haebich, Victoria, Australia

Full Moon, Yandell Walton and Tobias Edwards, Victoria, Australia

Star Cycle, Yoshi Sodeoka, New York, NY

Self- Destruction for Eternity, Wei-Ming Ho, Taipei, Taiwan

Judges for 2012 included Marieanne Khoury-Vogt, Town architect of Alys Beach; Lucia Fishburne, The State of Florida’s Film Commissioner; Jason Eppink, Museum of the Moving Image in New York City’s Assistant Curator of Digital Media; Max Watman, author; and Brett Phares, artist and professor of interactive media at Marist College in New York.