Each week we will be highlighting the artists for Digital Graffiti 2016. Join us and learn about these incredible artists from all over the world. This week, we’ve got Q&A’s with the art director, Ayşegül, of Nota Bene Visual. Nota Bene is a multi-disciplinary studio based in Istanbul, which specializes in digital experiences with the newest technology for global brands and artistic platforms by focusing on video mapping, interactive experiences and installations.

Tell us more about your studio.
Nota Bene’s adventure started after we graduated from the university. Today, we are a studio which has been in operation almost seven years, and we create pieces for both commercial projects and artistic platforms.

What do you hope to accomplish with the piece “In Order To Control”?
We want to prove that reaction and action is the key of life. Reaction can be even reflected an art work. We aim to push people.

Nota Bene PR pIc

What have been the reactions to the piece so far?
This is an interactive installation, so it really depends on where you install and who interacts with our work. Reaction due to country, reaction due to timing, reaction due to age all play a role. Our favorite guests are children. They are free souls.

Have you participated in many festivals like Digital Graffiti, and if so, which ones?
Oct 2015                   Titusville Digital Arts. Fest Florida USA
Oct 2015                   Besancon FR / Lux Art and Science Fest FR
May 2015                  ADAF *11 / Athens Digital Arts Fest. GR
Feb 2015                   ACE of MICE / Walkswagen Arena Ist TR
May-Jun 2013           Enschede Twente Biennale NL
May 2013                  Reims Nuit Numerique Digital Arts Fest. FR
March 2012              Fiber Fest. Amsterdam NL
Dec 2011                   Freemote New Media Fest. Utrecht NL

Where do you see projected art heading?
It’s endless. Projection is magic, since camera obscura. It’s a never ending story. The only difference may be that today it’s called new media, but in future it will be classy, and traditional.

What do you find most remarkable about projected art?
Magic again. Because it’s about light, so it’s about emotions. Light is fascinating to the human mind for each era.

What sparked your interest in digital art and how long have you been creating it?
Tevfik was the initial spark for us. During graduation he was so curious about digital art, then slowly our interests piqued, and we jumped right in. We’ve been creating digital art since about 2009.