Three incredible digital artists were chosen to participate in the Digital Graffiti (DG) Visiting Artist Series, a residency, held at Alys Beach January 19-26. Keaton Fox, Yandell Walton, and Sean Capone created, explored, inspected, mingled, and were inspired by the surroundings of Alys Beach and 30A, masterminding new pieces for feature at DG2016. Curator Brett Phares and photographer Lauren Dunn worked alongside the artists to prepare for the festival in May. In the next few weeks, our residency artists will share their experiences on the blog.

Sean Collage from Residency

The most interesting thing about the residency, for me, was the ‘behind the scenes’ access we were given to the Alys Beach community, since we were there in the off-season. The environment had an unreal, cinematic quality — an empty stage brimming with potential. That’s why I decided that my projection was going to portray a surreal trompe-l’oeil ‘stage’ upon which images, forms and lighting effects would be depicted in a more spatial or dimensional way, which is quite a departure for me. Also, my work has become more character-driven lately, but it wasn’t until I was on site that I realized the potential to develop these characters as a series of smaller installations scattered throughout the festival concourse. So, the act of responding to town’s architecture has given me an opportunity to explore entirely different directions in my work—ones that hadn’t even occurred to me. This kind of challenge doesn’t come around every day, so I’m excited and grateful for the generosity and trust extended to me to pursue these new ideas in an ‘open lab’ situation.


Sean Capone, DG2016 Visiting Artist