Three incredible digital artists were chosen to participate in the Digital Graffiti (DG) Visiting Artist Series, a residency, held at Alys Beach January 19-26. Keaton Fox, Yandell Walton, and Sean Capone created, explored, inspected, mingled, and were inspired by the surroundings of Alys Beach and 30A, masterminding new pieces for feature at DG2016. Curator Brett Phares and photographer Lauren Dunn worked alongside the artists to prepare for the festival in May. In the next few weeks, our residency artists will share their experiences on the blog.

Residency Post - Keaton

The residency at Alys Beach was an incredibly unique and stimulating experience. It was luxurious in its aesthetics and humbling in its company. Being able to work alongside four other like-minded creatives from around the world, all involved in the same niche art form, was a blessing. I learned countless lessons from Brett, Yandell, Sean, and Lauren – both technical and theoretical in nature.


The site-specific feature of the visit challenged us as artists, to not simply create a work using our comfortable talents in digital art, but to expand our mind, and subsequently our practices, by incorporating our original ideas with the specific elements of Alys, such as the architecture, history, and nature of the town.


I will be forever grateful to Digital Graffiti and to Alys Beach for having given me this significant opportunity, and I look forward to my return in May to help solidify the magic that will be DG2016.


-Keaton Fox, DG2016 Visiting Artist