Three incredible digital artists were chosen to participate in the Digital Graffiti (DG) Visiting Artist Series, a residency, held at Alys Beach January 19-26. Keaton Fox, Yandell Walton, and Sean Capone created, explored, inspected, mingled, and were inspired by the surroundings of Alys Beach and 30A, masterminding new pieces for feature at DG2016. Curator Brett Phares and photographer Lauren Dunn worked alongside the artists to prepare for the festival in May. In the next few weeks, our residency artists will share their experiences on the blog.

Yandell Collage from Residency

Returning to Alys for a week-long Digital Graffiti residency has been a rewarding experience that allowed the development of a new site responsive work. The residency supported experimentation allowing the artists to create new work during the day and project ideas every night onto the architecture. It was beneficial to the process to have the time on site and I found the week was a perfect time frame.


It was a pleasure to share the experience with the other artists and I found we were open with each other creating new professional relationships and friendships.


Through sharing ideas more works were conceived and each artist felt they wanted to push their ideas and create additional works. This was exciting and engaging inviting us once again to think about the architecture and the space in new and different ways.


Having the opportunity to share works (including Brett’s) in an informal artist talk/presentation helped create bonds between the group and informed each other of our practices.


Yandell Walton, DG2016 Visiting Artist