Brilliantly hued beams and imaginative art projected on the crisp white walls of Alys Beach creates an electric energy that pulses through the artists and attendees-that’s what makes Digital Graffiti an event that Emerald Coast Magazine great anticipates.  Celebrating its 19th year as the original and longest standing community lifestyle publication, Emerald Coast Magazine proudly sponsors Digital Graffiti because of its focus on the arts and the coastal community.

The magazine’s mission is to capture the essence of the region by giving the readers a blend of provocative features, stories, and columns that provide inside to the people of the Emerald Coast while highlighting the area’s history, cultural offerings and lifestyle- from the food we love to the latest trends in home decor and fashion.

In each issue of the magazine, our Expressions section details artists and art events along the coast.  Emerald Coast Magazine aims to promote the arts- those who create, cultivate, and curate.

This year, Emerald Coast Magazine is offering a Digital Graffiti fan and attendee the opportunity to win a giveaway to another community event later in the year- The Harvest Wine & Food Festival.

This giveaway will include two tickets to the grand tasting on Saturday, October 27 from 1-4pm.  Click here for a chance to win!

Each year, the magazine is captivated by the talent showcased at Digital Graffiti.  We look forward to this event that sheds lights on this artistic community.  To learn move about Emerald Coast Magazine, visit