Questions with the Curator : DG2015 Finalist, David Bennett

Digital Graffiti finalist, David Bennett, answers questions posed by Curator, Brett Phares *In the lineage of art history, where do you see projected art? Is it a fad or is it here to stay? The ephemeral nature of Projection Art presents the interesting challenge of... read more

Here’s one for your must-do-once-in-a-life list: the Digital Graffiti festival, where an entire coastal town is turned into a kaleidoscopic color explosion.

Lexus Drivers Magazine

(Alys Beach) is welcoming painters with open arms and white walls. But with projectors and laptops rather than spray cans.

USA Today

Digital Graffiti has become a mainstay of the experimental film scene in the Southeast, a place to screen work that often has a more challenging visual or narrative aspect.

David Montgomery, Artist